The Dream of the Twelve Flowers and the Stone

A dream given the night between April 22nd and 23rd, 2016

Last night I had a dream. Again we were in the lobby of what looked like an arena or auditorium. I looked in and saw a man speaking who held a great book so large that he had to unfold its pages. One of the women then took me a distance away and showed me some flowers placed around a great stone carved with letters. She said these flowers almost died…almost became extinct. There were but few left upon all the earth, I took them and hid them. I nurtured and protected them and they are now these 12 distinct colors you see planted around this great stone. I awoke and realized the man speaking was unfolding the Scriptures to all who would listen. The flowers are God’s remnant people. The twelve colors are the as the tribes of Israel planted around the great stone cut out without hands. The great stone is the kingdom of God and Christ. The words written upon the stone are the immutable and unchangeable law. The woman by whom the flowers were preserved was the remnant church of God aided by Holy angels. – jrh