The Dream of the Path, the Beast and the Little Flock

A dream given between August 24th and 25th, 2013

We went t to see James and Wendy and the kids. They were on a higher elevation like a ledge that we had to climb up. I saw Wendy coming toward us but unrecognizable. she gave me a hug.

Then we were all walking on a path like a wide sidewalk. All together.
I determined in my heart to walk faster and went ahead of everyone.
I saw the path diverged and took the longer way. I walked as fast as I could but still one faster, stronger and of great stature flew past me. I grew tired and my muscle burned. Then the company that I left were coming toward me and we walked again together on the path.
But this time the path had changed. It was hedged on both side. High and impenetrable. Now there was no way to leave the path and there were small, white, innocent, helpless beings and also fierce alligator like beings. These little ones were being forced to face these beasts with many teeth.

Then I was taken to a building. A building in process where all that we had was invested. We told ourselves that it would help many people when it was complete. Something unexpected destroyed everything even before it was complete. I remember the feeling of helplessness.

Then I saw a great army, indestructible swarming in on what few of us were left. The scenes were awful and I couldn’t sleep.