Words Are More Powerful Than You Thought

In a dream a saw a person that had half a chance to live. There was no one around them but rather whenever anyone would speak a word about them, the words would take on the physical form of either a spirit of light or a spirit of darkness. Some of the words had a reviving power and ministered to the dying by nourishing, encouraging and uplifting them. There were also dark shadowy figures that would come to oppress, and push down and smother and do harm to this soul that hung in the balance. I was shown that this is in verity what our words are and what they do. Just as the words of God do not return unto Him void, our words also go about and do good or do harm. They sometimes live on in the minds of others where they may do good or do harm depending on whether there be light and love in them. The other notable thing about the dream was that the words need not be spoken in the person’s presence; they have the power to travel at that speed of thought. It was amazing and fearful at the same time.