Butting Heads with Dot Almighty

As soon as there was a dot, I was on it. From AOL 2.0 on a floppy disc to blazing fiber optics. I grew up around computers and when my hands could hold tools, I began working to take them apart. The second half of my years were spent building, rebuilding, repairing and creating. I learned software, built pages, built sites, ran an empire.

I’m done. There’s a dot for everything. hundreds of new extensions have come along since the .com, .net and .org. I have tons of websites for sale that are great for entrepreneurs to start connecting their own dots. Every industry, something for everyone and everything has a price. I’ve got loads of good names full of potential that need new owners. names like:

  • uk.deals for $9500
  • apparel.clothing               2200
  • best-gifts.com   1000
  • BookIllustrator.com        4120
  • CAKETOPPERS.ORG        3000
  • ChopperFrames.com     4600
  • COVETOUS.ORG               1000
  • DEINSTALLERS.COM       4800
  • dress.clothing    3000
  • HANDSEWN.NET              1000
  • INVITATIONS.ORG          9500
  • SolarHardware.com        3000
  • WeddingInvitations.org 9000

Let me know your interests, career, etc and I probably have a site you would like.

16 Premium Domains for sale

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NameSilo Review

NameSilo pride themselves on providing the lowest everyday domain prices on the Internet. They are able to offer such low prices due to their focus on domains and nothing else. They do not incur the expensive overhead associated with the infrastructure, staff and promotion of other ancillary services. They do not need to inflate their pricing to cover costs such as expensive celebrity spokespeople, vanity phone numbers, Super Bowl advertising, or non-domain-related technical and support staff. There are certain costs associated with running an effective domain registrar, but they are fanatical about avoiding non-essential expenses which allows them to keep their prices so low. They are in the domain business and no other!

They also do not utilize the backend platform of any other registrar. Many of their most notable competitors are reliant on systems developed and supported by third-parties. This has many potential problems and drawbacks including having to wait for upgrades, multiple parties being involved in domain disputes and other possible issues, and, most importantly, the fact that third-parties must be paid for their services which inflates the pricing to customers.

Spending more on a domain elsewhere does not make it better. Registering a domain with NameSilo is no different than anywhere else… you register the domain of your choice, for the period of time you want, and they do this like anywhere else – just for less money and no nickel-and-diming for services that should be free!

Don’t just take my word for it… compare our prices to those of our competitors!