A Dream Given April 27, 2011

Last night, I had a dream. As far as details, I would rather omit than embellish. I and one other, dressed more noble and ancient, stood before a queen to decide and be judged. Being found unfitted or unyielding we were cast down a distance from a cliff. What trees were scattered along the rocky face were not strong enough to break the fall. And, layer by layer, we fell through to level ground below. I asked by what power we had fallen so far yet lived. And, my companion said “by the spirit we live”.

We walked to what looked like a tree or small building nearby. This was refuge, this was the secret storehouse of wisdom. There was no handle visible but only a small hole about the width of a hand. My companion said “by the spirit we enter in”. He reached into the small opening and his hand began to glow as it came near a latch hidden just inside and below this small opening. He withdrew his hand and again said “by the spirit we enter in”. He repeated the same action as before, only this time the hand took hold of the inner latch and opened a door.

Inside were shelves and books along the narrow way. On the walls were formulas and writings of wisdom too complex to grasp in a fleeting glance. I could tell this was a place of earnest study and long hours of devotion. Only upon going the full distance could we see yet another door to the right leading to another small and narrow room. This room was similar to the first but didn’t seem to be used or discovered as often as the former room. Thinking this must be a place of greatest power, I began to look around and see what secrets might be here. But, just as before, at the very end, and only after careful searching, did I see yet another door. Rather than the detailed symbols and formulas found along the way, this door was covered with what looked like the writings of children. On torn pieces of paper were dozens of simple, uncomplicated writings. My mind tried to grasp what this meant and how they came to be there. Sadly, before I could solve the riddle or open this door, I awoke.

One other detail that stands out for me is that the inner chambers were greater in size than that which held them. That is to say, what looked small from the outside was vast and winding inside.

Take from this what you will and leave whatever comments come to mind.


Two Dreams Given October 18, 2010

Last night two dreams came to me. In the first dream, I was outside behind the house near the light. It must have been evening because the light was on. I was in conversation back and forth but don’t remember the words. The reason I woke was because I realized I was talking to an object of light bright enough that the evening look like mid-day. It reminded me of how a fluorescent bulb glows. The shape was similar to an upright serpent. There were no features; only the shape of light. The moment I realized that this was out of the ordinary, I awoke.

A second dream came to me in which there was a woman to be wed to someone. I and one of my brothers climbed into back seat along with this woman and began the journey to a place they didn’t tell me. Her clothing was dark and ornamented, the car was like a convertible or carriage without a top. I didn’t notice a driver. As we traveled, the darkness became so thick, you could almost feel it. My brother was doing something to my neck that didn’t feel right. Something as if he were draining my spirit or taking my life. Realizing I was quickly becoming over-powered, I cried out Jesus, “Jesus, save me!” I awoke face down in a bed still asking to be saved from this dream only to be awoken again as it was a dream inside a dream. Now back in the present and fully awake, my heart was pounding and even the fan and air conditioner seemed to pulse in time with the beating in my chest. It took some time to calm down and relax after such an out-of-the-ordinary set of dreams.