When I hear the word revival, I think of a team of emergency medical workers surrounding a poor soul fighting for life, balanced on that thin line between another chance and too late. I see Gods people in the same condition. The Truth is that life-giving jolt our hearts need. But, it must be done in love. The Scriptures are like a double-edged sword and need proper handling. The Holy Spirit (also known as the Comforter) is like the anesthesia that must be present in these most delicate of heart surgeries. Christ said I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.. We are surrounded by a cloud of help and harm, good and bad, influence and confusion. Were all like trauma victims of Sin; some in a state of fear, some in panic, some in denial, some unaware altogether. My heart is heavy for these souls and how much more the heart of God. He longs to help and save. By all means, whether by heavenly agents, the Holy Spirit or humble and willing followings, His work goes onand must go on. This is my burden and passion; a love of souls. I want us all to see in person how that song ends that says When we all get to heaven

Sometimes we get discouraged, sometimes even teachers, preachers and entire churches fall into a sort of spiritual slump. This is the work of revivalto lift up Christ as the reason and rewardas the salve and savior. Dont give up, never give up. The enemy of souls would be most content for us to quit. The enemy is real, but he has an end. He knows this. His time is short and he seeks to steal and kill and destroy everything that isn’t nailed down. God knows he tried, but you cant keep a good man down. Christ lives! Ive read the last chapter, God wins. People need to hear that. We could all use more Son light in our souls. I love revival because it saves lives. Who can put a price on a souloh, waitGod already did. Read again very slowly and prayerfully John 3:16

Did you know God can do a lot with a little? He can turn nothing into something and make something out of nothing. He did it for me. I was a nothingat least in my own eyes (were all priceless). I tell you, I wandered in the desert of sin 40 years. I wandered while Christ wonderedwondered why I wouldnt drink the pure and living water. I finally came to my senses, came to Christ and my thirst was quenched. Can you relate? My years of wandering dont qualify me. I regret them, but I repent (turn away from my old ways because God grants the power to do so) and pray I can redeem that lost time by encouraging others not to waste theirs doing as I did. Let me save you much time and many missteps. He is the answer, He stands at the door of your heart and knocks. I love that. He doesn’t beat down the door and demand you to serve Him or else How much of a gentleman He is? When He was here, people were mean to Him and rather than fight them, He wanted the best for them. Hes out of their reach now, but He is still reaching out to every one of us and praying on our behalf. What a friend we have in Jesus! Its not a sign of weakness to be a friend of Christ. Meek and weak are two different things. But, I tell you the truth, the meek will inherit the earthnot only the earth, but the earth made new. Thats awesome! People need to know that.

Today is January 2nd, 2016. Let us see how God works things out. I will speak the words He puts on my heart to anyone who will listenwhether to an audience of one like the woman at the wellor a great multitude that no man can number. It is my passion and deepest hearts desire to encourage others and tell of God’s wondrous, wonderful, wonder-working power. I will go wherever He sends me. I will not invite myself. I will step forward in faith as the doors are opened.

Do you need revival? Does your church? Here am I.

Joshua Hullender
PO Box 127
Indian Mound, TN 37079