Have Mine Own Way Lord

We think our well-meaning parents are overbearing and we want our own way. They have our best interests in mind and can foresee dangers, they caution, guide and try to impart wisdom. But, we want our own way. We rebel and fail. Did you know some of us never grow out of that spirit even when we grow old? I see in many churches 40, 50 and even 70-year-old bratty babies who still want their own way when God’s way is much higher. His wisdom surpasses even our highest thoughts. Yet, we think we can out-think God. We think we can go our own way. You can’t outfox the Shepherd. Eternal life’s a One-Way-Street. Christ is “The Way”. Given the choice between my way and the “high way”. I’ll take the latter. I’ll take the ladder that was let down from heaven in Jacob’s dream. Christ is that ladder…that bridge between here and the hereafter. So, what’s your next step? I’m sharing this with my pastors so they can share it with their flocks. We can wake ’em up, shake ’em up, so God can take ’em up.