The Storm and the Harvest – A True Story

I was in the garden yesterday to look over everything and see if there as a harvest. Well, everything looked dry, dead and barren. I went down a whole row of tomatoes and found nothing. I started to wonder if there would be anything or if it was just a waste of time. In the distance I could hear thunder. A storm was coming for sure. The rain started fall just a little bit. I wanted to just abandon the whole project and run for cover before a downpour…but a still small voice said “Keep looking”. I said “I’ll look if you hold the storm back”. Well, what do you know? I found a tomato laying on the ground. It was perfectly ripe. I said “Thank you”! I kept looking while keeping an ear to the storm. I found another and another. Sometimes, I would find two right beside each other…one was ripe and ready…the other was left behind. The more I found, the more excited I got and also the more I kept praying: “Hold back the storm, Let me save just a few more”! Then, it clicked. God was showing me that if I would be just a diligent for souls as I was for food…if I earnestly sought out the unseen, the overlooked, the hopeless…and did it with a hopeful heart…what a mighty eleventh-hour harvest there would be for the Kingdom of God. That was the lesson He wanted to show me. You know what else is awesome. The big bad storm that I kept praying would hold off just disappeared. Prayer is the key. If we work while we are in constant dialog with God, then amazing things happen.