A great domain name and website can be the key to your success

Whether your starting new or doing a rebrand, your domain name important. Don’t pick a name that can be easily forgotten. Pick a name that’s catchy, memorable and can pass the radio test. What’s the radio test?

Here’s a sample of sites I own (and have for sale). Let’s see if they pass the radio test:

eodr.com $990
ColonPal.com $999
Cake-Toppers.com $2,699
NowOils.com $999
OriginalRemedy.com $449
CakeToppers.org $2,499
WeddingCakeToppers.net $2,899
ColorBling.com $449
GodsWordPress.com $449
Prepping.News $449
GoodShortStories.com $1,999
AromatherapyWeb.com $499
Best-Gifts.com $2,199
CatRug.com $2,499
rnsv.com $950
SyndicatedArtist.com $449
BuyMy.com $2,699
PriceAndReview.com $499
ChapterThirteen.org $2,899
KitchenSpaceSaver.com $399
SyndicatedWriter.com $449
ChopperFrames.com $2,899
DrawingWisdom.com $1,295
CabinetsHardware.com $349


When you say your website on the radio can listeners find it? Can they spell it? The radio test is not just important for the radio. Anytime someone talks about your website you want to make sure the listener goes to the right site.

Here are 7 tests to see if your website passes the radio test.

Test 1 – Numbers?

When you say a number over the radio it will fail the test. 12Step.org sounds just like TwelveStep.org. Only one site will help you with addiction recovery.

  • 12Step.org (fail)
  • TwelveStep.org? (fail)

How to get around this pitfall: Buy both domains then have one forward to the other. So if your book title was 8 Ways to Save Your Marriage I would buy both 8WaysToSaveYourMarriage.com and EightWaysToSaveYourMarraige.com. Point one at the other.

Test 2 – Similar Sounds?

I used to run a website called cgames.com. It was short but it fails the radio test. Is it SeeGames.com or SeaGames.com? It is hard to tell. I would end up spelling it out loud every time I talked about it. To make matters worse, the letter “c” sounds like half a dozen other letters.

  • cGames.com (fail)
  • SeeGames.com (fail)
  • SeaGames.com (fail)

How to get around this pitfall: Before you buy a domain, call a friend and tell them what domain you want to buy. Ask them to spell it back to you.

Test 3 – Acronyms

When your website is an acronym instead of a word, you say the individual letters. The letters “b” “c” “d” “e” “g” “p” “t” “v” and “z” all sound the same over a bad radio connection. Buy domains with words not letters whenever possible. Not only this but an acronym can make your website harder to remember. Two words are easier to remember than four unrelated letters.

  • ccsa.info (potential fail)
  • cbsa.info (potential fail)

This not a universal rule. YMCA.com will work. If people know the acronym or what it stands for you can sometimes get away with it. Do you have the marketing budget to make your acronym work?

Test 4 – Underscores?

Avoid underscores at all costs. They are cheesy and they take too long to say over the radio.

  • KathyHoward.org (pass)
  • Kathy_Howard.com (fail)

Test 5 – Dashes?

Most listeners don’t know what a dash is or how to type it. They also get confused with the difference between a dash and a hyphen.

  • FreedomForGamers.com (pass)
  • Freedom-For-Gamers.com (fail)
  • Freedom4Gamers.com (fail)
  • Freedom-4-Gamers.com (epic fail)

Test 6 – Text Speak

Just because “u” means “you” on a text message does not mean it will work for your domain. HelpForU.com sounds cheesy and it fails the radio test.

  • HelpForU.com (fail)
  • HelpForYou.com (potential fail)

I would  avoid the word “you” in your domain. If you must use “you” in your domain make sure to buy both versions and direct the “u” version to the “you” version.

Test 7 – Weird Spelling?

The problem with UmstattdMedia.com and ThomasUmstattd.com is that no one can spell “Umstattd.” If the word is not in the dictionary it will fail the radio test. If it is in the dictionary and a 5th grader can’t spell it, it still fails.

  • UmstattdMedia.com (fail)
  • ThomasUmstattd.com (fail)

This test is one of the major reasons I renamed Umstattd Media as Author Media. I was tired of spelling “Umstattd” to everyone.

How to get around this pitfall: Buy common misspellings. The first time I went to Amazon.com,I was 14 years old and I typed in “Amizon.com” because that is how I thought to spell it. Guess what? Amazon.com owns “Amizon.com” and points it at Amazon.com for the bad spellers of the world. Smart move Amazon. Are there any common misspellings of your website that you can buy?

Reference Article: http://www.authormedia.com

1997 King James Seventh-day Adventist study bible most complete vintage sda kjv | eBay

Just got a fresh shipment in today!


These are the rare 1997 version.

This version is out of print.
There is not a more complete version with as many cross references as this version has. I own all versions and have compared this one to remnant, mission publishing, andrews, and amazing facts. This version wins.
I made a side-by-side photo for you (see photo 11). PacificRim (the version we sell in this listing) is the smallest print but most complete version. Mission is the best balance of readability and egw commentary. Remnant Large Print is the easiest to read but doesn’t have but a fraction of the commentary and cross references of the Mission or PacificRim Press.
I would grade them thus:
  1. PacificRim Press is for deep pastoral level study…
  2. Mission Publishing is for personal study and devotion…
  3. Remnant is for following along in Church…

Pick one up on eBay: 1997 King James Seventh-day Adventist study bible most complete vintage sda kjv | eBay

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Help me never forget the cost

Have you ever wanted a \”do over\”… a \”second chance\”? Christ is just that. In the beginning…in Eden, the Spirit moved upon the earth that was formed in the image of God and it became living flesh. This Adam became negatively charged, fell and drug the world down with him. A second time, the Spirit moved upon a virgin (made of the same earth) and the second \”Adam\” was born…this time not to fall…this time to keep the positive \”+\” charge from above and regain the fallen earth.\r\n\r\nI was concerned that I would forget in Heaven what was done on earth to save me because I am so prone to forget right now. I felt that if I could just remember, then I wouldn\’t fall. Scared that sin might rise up a second time in me, I prayed and asked God to help me to remember at what great price my place in Heaven was bought…then immediately my prayer was answered when I read these words:\r\n

The cross of Christ will be the science and the song of the redeemed through all eternity. In Christ glorified they will behold Christ crucified. Never will it be forgotten that He whose power created and upheld the unnumbered worlds through the vast realms of space, the Beloved of God, the Majesty of heaven, He whom cherub and shining seraph delighted to adore – humbled Himself to uplift fallen man; that He bore the guilt and shame of sin, and the hiding of His Father\’s face, till the woes of a lost world broke His heart and crushed out His life on Calvary\’s cross. That the Maker of all worlds, the Arbiter of all destinies, should lay aside His glory and humiliate Himself from love to man will ever excite the wonder and adoration of the universe. As the nations of the saved look upon their Redeemer and behold the eternal glory of the Father shining in His countenance; as they behold His throne, which is from everlasting to everlasting, and know that His kingdom is to have no end, they break forth in rapturous song: \”Worthy, worthy is the Lamb that was slain, and hath redeemed us to God by His own most precious blood!\” – Our Father Cares\r\n\r\n

The Dream of the Twelve Flowers and the Stone

A dream given the night between April 22nd and 23rd, 2016

Last night I had a dream. Again we were in the lobby of what looked like an arena or auditorium. I looked in and saw a man speaking who held a great book so large that he had to unfold its pages. One of the women then took me a distance away and showed me some flowers placed around a great stone carved with letters. She said these flowers almost died…almost became extinct. There were but few left upon all the earth, I took them and hid them. I nurtured and protected them and they are now these 12 distinct colors you see planted around this great stone. I awoke and realized the man speaking was unfolding the Scriptures to all who would listen. The flowers are God’s remnant people. The twelve colors are the as the tribes of Israel planted around the great stone cut out without hands. The great stone is the kingdom of God and Christ. The words written upon the stone are the immutable and unchangeable law. The woman by whom the flowers were preserved was the remnant church of God aided by Holy angels. – jrh