I’ve been online since there was a dot to hop on in the mid 90’s. In those 22 years, I’ve built, bought and sold websites, I’ve moved millions of dollars worth of inventory and personally packed well over 20,000 orders ranging in size from 1 ounce to enterprise class servers.

I was born and still remain visually impared. My vision is 20/400, total colorblind and light-sensitve but you wont see me playing the “blind card” to get out of work. The Internet leveled the playing feild for me since. I was raised by good parents and taught to work as soon as my hands could hold a tool.

I am the son of a scrap-man, inventor, entrepreneur and merchant. From about age 5 onward, I would travel and help as much as I could doing de-installs and removals for BellSouth, AT&T, Ames, Zayres, and scores of cable TV companies back when that was a thing.

I’ve worn many hats. I’m equally comfortable in the warehouse, scrapyard, front office or 42nd floor of a data center. I’ve been companies come and go. I’ve seen men wax old and retire with great wealth (some honest and others no so).

I enjoy religious things, but consider myself the chief of sinners. I have no degrees from prestigious schools to brag about. I am a dreamer and have been as far back as I can remember. Though I prayed for wisdom long ago, I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way or because I’ve had to quickly become expert on some random thing. I suppose there’s never been a better time to share whatever borrowed talents I might have to help and encourage as many people as I can. This is my most sincere desire.