The Storm and the Harvest – A True Story

I was in the garden yesterday to look over everything and see if there as a harvest. Well, everything looked dry, dead and barren. I went down a whole row of tomatoes and found nothing. I started to wonder if there would be anything or if it was just a waste of time. In the distance I could hear thunder. A storm was coming for sure. The rain started fall just a little bit. I wanted to just abandon the whole project and run for cover before a downpour…but a still small voice said “Keep looking”. I said “I’ll look if you hold the storm back”. Well, what do you know? I found a tomato laying on the ground. It was perfectly ripe. I said “Thank you”! I kept looking while keeping an ear to the storm. I found another and another. Sometimes, I would find two right beside each other…one was ripe and ready…the other was left behind. The more I found, the more excited I got and also the more I kept praying: “Hold back the storm, Let me save just a few more”! Then, it clicked. God was showing me that if I would be just a diligent for souls as I was for food…if I earnestly sought out the unseen, the overlooked, the hopeless…and did it with a hopeful heart…what a mighty eleventh-hour harvest there would be for the Kingdom of God. That was the lesson He wanted to show me. You know what else is awesome. The big bad storm that I kept praying would hold off just disappeared. Prayer is the key. If we work while we are in constant dialog with God, then amazing things happen.

Do My Words Mean Anything?

a note is as good as the spoken word. if mom tells you to do something, do you? if your love speaks to you, do you listen? whether you hear the spoken voice it with your ear or see the written word with your eye, doesn’t it have the same weight and authority? Then why don’t we believe the Bible is the real spirit, hope, wishes, desire and yes even the very heart of God? Wouldn’t we do well to respect it? It is like the most amazing love letter because he had us, lost us, and bought us back. He made a world for us, made a garden for us, we lost it, he is making us a new place in heaven and will make the whole world new again. Behold I make all things new. What a beautiful story. That’s why I love the Bible