Japanese Chin Drawing

Drawn in Charcoal on a 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch piece of cardstock. This is a drwing of a dog I had named Ping Pong

A Figure in the Clouds?

I snapped this before the rains came. Photo by Joshua Hullender, art by God. There are wisdom and inspiration all around us if we keep an open eye and open mind to them.

White Cat and Dragonfly Black and White Art Drawing

A White Cat and Dragonfly drawing in Black and White by Joshua Hullender

The Hands of Christ with Dogwood Flower

Modeled after the artist’s own hands, this black and white graphite drawing shows the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ holding a Dogwood flower as rays of light pour down from Heaven.

Hummingbird Feeding on a Flower

A black and white charcoal drawing of a little hummingbird hovering as she eats from a flower.

Lovebirds Black and White Art Drawing

A black and white art drawing of two love birds setting nestled close together. Drawn by animal artist, Joshua Hullender.

Mother & Child / Dog and Puppy

Black and white charcoal drawing of two Labradors resting together on a hardwood floor. Beautiful and dramatically captures the animal spirits.

Nosy Cat

Probably one of the most inspiring cat drawings I’ve drawn

Pineapple Upside-down Cat

Cat’s are so cute and playful. I captured the spirit of this little one in a drawing for you to enjoy.

Tuxedo Cat Sitting on a Windowsill

Drawn by Joshua Hullender, this black and white charcoal captures the mischief of a kitty who’s ventured out an open window to feel the cool breeze on his little pink nose.