Are Bible Plagues Literal or Figurative?

I understand that many things is the Bible are figurative and symbolic but many also have a literal fulfillment. When Noah was warned of a flood, was it just figurative or did a literal flood happen? When Abraham was visited by angels and learned the cities of the planes would be destroyed, was that figurative or did Lot and his daughters barely escape a literal destruction? When Moses warned Pharaoh of the plagues, did they happen in the real physical world or just in some ambiguous spiritual way? When Babylon was taken during her night of partying, did she really fall? My point is this; Who is warning spiritual Babylon and spiritual Egypt which is Rome and Vatican City? Who will visit that city and warn the people in that system to come out before the angel of destruction visits her and repays her double for all the iniquities she has committed with the kings of the earth? Who will bring the people out of that system and out of that city? Who will lift up their voice like a trumpet? It is better not to see, than to see and ignore. If you see the need, pray that God will use you in a mighty way to warn the inhabitants. Though there be one righteous man in that place, the Lord will not destroy it. Just as he spared Sodom and Gomorrah until not one honest soul remained, He will do the same again. Are we pleading that God hold back judgement till all may fully understand and make a wholehearted decision whether to stand with Him or against Him? He is long suffering and wants not one honest should to perish. It may be that many come out of her (that city and that system).