3 dreams of war

3 dreams I had the night between December 2nd and the morning of the 3rd 2015:

In the first dream, I heard the marching of an army with an Arab undertone to its step. After the procession, I saw 3 groups of women dressed in the old fashioned way with no shoes upon their feet. I was in what looked to be like Switzerland. Each little group formed a pyramid by standing on the shoulders of those below her. 3,2,1. 6 in each group. 18 in all. 3 sets of 6. Just as the formation was near perfection, they began to lose their balance. The ground shook like an earthquake and they fell. Immediately, great stones from the sky, not only falling here but everywhere. Some people were crying while others lay dying. I knew that it was supernatural and my own fear let me know my ill standing before God.

In the second dream the same night, I stood at the right hand of a general or great leader of forces. I explained what was happening and what was to come; those things I saw in the first dream. I said it would take 2-days march (though I know not what distance that is). I said, “this thing was happening” and we needed to prepare for it; and we couldn’t walk on Sabbath but on Sunday. Two days march starting on Sunday would mean confrontation between the night of Monday and the morning of Tuesday. But no man knows the hour.

And a third dream the same night, I saw an entire country wiped out from the sky by war, by bombs in the Middle East and this brought on global martial law.