A Prayer of Blessing for You

My prayer for you is safety and strength…. that no one temps you in any way. Anyone who tries to tear down the work God has put forth in you will become His enemy. I pray you have a keen eye to see not only what is right before you but what is right FOR you; That you have the ability to see where all paths lead. I pray God fills you with incredible wisdom and keeps your heart patterned after His own.

Mental Clarity and the Spiritual Experience

Got a heavy topic that you can’t figure out? Need your mind stronger and more clear to discern those deep things? Wondering which drug might heighten your awareness and raise you intellect? Read on.

One thing I’ve found to help in times of deep prayer, reflection, examination or meditation is fasting. Of all substance that might draw one into a deeper spiritual experience, it is rather the lack of substance than the presence of any given thing with gives clarity. What is mean is this, my highest clarity and deepest connection with the one true God, comes when the body is clean. A simple juice or water fast will heighten physical and mental powers giving way to deeper spiritual experience. The Yogi, Buddha, the Dali Llama, and especially Jesus, overcame through fasting. Start with a simple one (skip 1 meal) and see how it treats you. Proper fasting (not the kind for vanity) is better than any substance-aided experiences. I would recommend cutting down and quitting all things that clog the mind, like smoking, drinking, junk food, etc. You are not on this journey alone, many have walked this way before you.